Lori Brown and Joe Kreke

Coles Garden is both great and awful. I love all the green, the water features and the nicely manicured spaces. It is a wonderful place to take photographs – but only at certain times of the day. The lack of tree cover and shade make light control extremely difficult during the middle of the day. And if you’ve ever heard me talk before, light control is paramount. Good lighting makes you look good; bad lighting, well… Anyone can take a flash and put it on top of the camera (bad lighting). It takes work to make good lighting, and at Coles it takes even more work.

After the groups and formals we had a wonderful time wandering around the grounds creating some fantastic images of Lori and Joe. Coles Garden really is a beautiful spot for weddings.

Author: Larry J Foster

Professional Photographer since 1989. Certified in 2008. I received my Master Photographer degree in 2015.

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