Kristin Crain and Jeff Cumbie

Photographing weddings is as much science as it is art. Some images you create and make based knowledge and technique. Some you lay in wait for, like a cat stalking its prey. Sometimes the image happens, sometimes it doesn’t. The image on the right, taken just moments before Kristin would walk done the aisle with her father, is such an image. I had my exposure set, the camera aimed and ready, and I was just watching through the viewfinder for the optimal time. Kristin and Jeff’s wedding was Memorial Road Church of Christ. A somewhat unadorned sanctuary until you start looking around. I believe something can always be found in every situation and location. Here it took walking to the very top of the sanctuary. Heat rises, and I was a little worried about Kristin at one point. She stuck with it and we got a great shot.

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Author: Larry J Foster

Professional Photographer since 1989. Certified in 2008. I received my Master Photographer degree in 2015.

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