The State of the Industry – Part 1

Catch me in a candid moment, and I will rant and rave about the direction that the professional photography industry is headed. Occasionally I will find others making similar comments. From the June 2007 issue of Rangefinder:

‘Digital can make you a sloppy photographer,’ warns Sterling [Hoffman]. ‘ is easy to take a lot of images hoping that one of them will be good. The option of “FISP-ing” the image (fixing it in Photoshop) is leading to a generation of photographers who do not pay appropriate attention to white balance, exposure, expressions and extraneous things that should have been removed.‘” – Page 50, Avoiding Digital Disease by Mark Zucker.

“‘That means photography is changing at its most basic level. It means that every photographer is now looked at as a Photoshop person. Meanwhile, successful photographers have worked extremely hard to train themselves to see light, to understand exposure, to work with camera perspective and lenses, and so on – and that just doesn’t happen in Photoshop‘” – Page 131, Joseph Meehan: Embracing the Future with a Mindful eye on the Past by Michelle Perkins.

There is more to photography than picking up a camera and firing off a few hundred – or thousand – exposures. Photography is the art and science of capturing an image in a camera. Not the art and science of correcting your mistakes later.


Author: Larry J Foster

Professional Photographer since 1989. Certified in 2008. I received my Master Photographer degree in 2015.

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