MP3s and JPGs

Digital technology has changed every industry it has touched. The question that is often being asked is, “where is professional photography headed?” I think we can garner some clues from the music industry. Digital music has changed the way we experience music. From the first MP3 players to the IPod, we now take our music everywhere, listen to less radio, buy fewer CDs and buy our music by the slice from numerous web sites. I am already seeing that this same technology is changing how we experience our photographs. We carry them on our phones, use them as backgrounds on our computer and email them to friends and relatives.

Traditionally professional photographers are reluctant to release their income generating files (used to be negatives). After all , there is money to be made selling prints and some photo operations (can you say Wal Mart?) rely totally on the sale of prints. If that mass outfit gave you the file, for that whopping $1.50 sitting fee, and you went and made your own prints they would go out of business very quickly. Releasing files is touchy subject among professionals.

So my question is, how important is it to you to have your digital files? Let me know. And if you want your files, tell me how you wish to use them in the comment section.

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Author: Larry J Foster

Professional Photographer since 1989. Certified in 2008. I received my Master Photographer degree in 2015.

One thought on “MP3s and JPGs”

  1. Hey Larry, I think having access to the digital files is a wonderful benefit and is extremely accommodating. If you allow me to have access to the digital files I would primarily use them to email friends and family that couldn’t come to the wedding, and to make smaller prints from my photo printer at home. The photos I would like to print from home would most likely be smaller, more candid/fun pictures that I’d display at home or work. I would prefer to order the bulk of my pictures through you though, because when you’re ordering lots of pictures to give as gifts or to display in larger frames, I would want to have the best quality. One more positive point about having access to the digital files is that if you have clients that have moved (which is a possibility for me) and it’s five or ten years after their wedding but they really want a print of a specific picture, rather than hunting you down making orders and waiting for them to come in, they would have access to printing them their selves and would be much more convenient. Well, I suppose that’s all the input I’ve got. I look forward to having you as our photographer and have no doubt you will do a wonderful job 🙂


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