Jennie Mast and Gavin Palreymeyer

I have to admit that whenever I hear, “we’re getting married at the Crystal Bridge”, I shudder. Yes, it’s very pretty. The green plants and tropical color make a wonderful background. Crystal Bridge is a giant greenhouse and greenhouses are kept warm and humid. In the summer months, Crystal Bridge can be brutally hot. Last time we photographed there, I think it was more comfortable outside than inside.

However Jennie and Gavin’s wedding would break the trend and the climate inside the bridge would be very nice. Christmas lights were up in the trees and bushes and it made for the best Crystal Bridge experience to date.

Jennie and Gavin’s wedding was a smaller wedding, which is a necessity for Crystal Bridge. It was relaxed and there wasn’t anyone running around crazy pulling their hair out because the cake was leaning and threatening to tip. Much like the setting it was in, the event was intimate and great time was had by the couple and the guests.

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