More ramblings on the state of the wedding photography industry

From time to time I will visit other photographer’s websites. It amazes me how “casual” wedding photography has become. I saw a sample album on site that contained no nice photos of the bride and her mother (she appears in the candids as the bride is getting dressed), the groom’s parents are absent from all the photos (maybe they didn’t come to the wedding) and there are no images of the families that traveled to this event. Sure, there are lots of photographs of the wedding party having fun and it looked like everybody had a good time; but there are key people that I’m sure were important to the bride and groom who are absent from the photographs.

Another photographer claimed to have “World Class Photography”. Dig a little deeper and you will not find any awards from their peers or the professional organizations. In fact, you won’t even find memberships in the professional organizations.

Possessing a scalpel does not make one a surgeon. Possessing a nice digital camera does not make one a professional photographer. A true professional photographer controls exposure, focus, composition and lighting to produce consistent and repeatable results.

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Elizabeth Shelton and Michael Childers

I had gotten to know the Shelton family when I photographed the double wedding of Elizabeth’s sisters about 10 years ago. Yes, a double wedding – two brides, two grooms and whole lot of bridesmaids, groomsmen and three different families.

Elizabeth’s wedding would not be the large production of her sisters. This is a good thing. Her wedding was at the Dominion House. I had overheard that following the reception, the couple were going to tour by carriage downtown Guthrie at night. I asked them if they were up for some more photographs and they were. We met them in downtown and created some fantastic images on street corner in downtown against the buildings lit for Christmas. What the photo does not show is how cold it was. It was really cold. Maybe 18F.

Anything for the shot.

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