Kristen Williams and Amit Patel

Kristen’s wedding was at 5:00 and her reception wouldn’t be until 7:00.  This allowed us to some time between the ceremony and the reception to get some great pictures of the couple.  It rarely happens that there is extended time for me to work with the couple. Too often the reception follows the ceremony and it is all rush-rush-rush.  I really think that is something of a travesty.  The wedding is about two people, and yet the majority of pictures is more than just the couple.

We had about 40 minutes and the Myriad Gardens was centraly located between the two locations.  First stop was an attitude pose against the skyline.  Next we moved into the field and got some wonderful, romantic images of them together.  We continued on to an area were we could see the sunset and captured a ‘Gone with the Wind’ photo that just gives you goose bumps.  It was a blast the photos were fantastic.

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Bride and Groom, Kristen Williams and Amit Patel

Amanda and Justin

This one is from Amanda and Justin’s engagement session at our portrait gardens.

I asked Amanda and Justin if they could get in the hammock together.  That was easier said than done.  It took a couple of failed attempts but they finally managed to both stay in the hammock together.  They got to talking and what resulted was a great photo of a young couple in love.

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Amanda and Justin in a hammock

Ashley and Ben Expecting

Okay, this would be one of the most unusual session I have photographed in a while.

I photographed Ashley and Ben’s wedding about eight? years ago.  Since then, I have photographed a family portrait with them and their two dogs.  I was excited to hear they were expecting.  It’s always fun to see couples start families after you have photographed their wedding.  Well, Ashley wanted some maternity photographs to chronicle this time in their lives.  As I talked with here, it became clear that she was not looking for the normal, dramatic lighting, black-and-white, highly glamorized, maternity photographs.  She was after something different.  This is not unusual for Ashley.  She wanted something outside and with buildings.  As the session progressed, I began to catch “a vision” for what she was looking for.

Maternity portrait

Ashley specifically asked for an image that showed her “big ole belly”. Make it look big? No problem.  I called this one, “the belly that ate Oklahoma City”.

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At 1

I got to photograph the CUTEST one year old girl the other day.  Her mother had called earlier in the week and said she had few days off and needed to get this done.  We managed to find a time in her schedule and we photographed her daughter outside.  The variety of expressions we captured was amazing.  The little girl just had fun looking at things and smelling flowers and the images were a great representation of her at this age.

Children's Portrait One Year old girl

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Tara and Bryan

Tara had seen the photographs I had done for some of her friends (Staci McCart-Johnson and Melissa Richardson-Jones).  The wedding was at the Capitol with a reception at the History Center.  Both of these locations offer wonderful opportunities for creative and fun images.

Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom black and white

Tara had one very specific request at the reception.  She wanted a photograph of her and Bryan in front of the large window that looks out at the Capitol.  At twilight.  When you can still see the Capitol.  With the airplane.  No problem.  I looked up what time sunset would be and informed her when we had a 10 minute window for the image.

Bride and Groom History Center

Whatever it takes to get the shot.

We had a great time and Tara and Bryan loved their photos!

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Video “Photography”

I happen to be looking at a website of a videographer who was suggesting that the still images taken from his video could substitute for hiring a professional wedding photographer.  It is to laugh!  That would be the equivalent of using a 3 mega-pixel camera.  My wife’s camera has better resolution than that!

Now, there is a lot more to photography than the megapixel size of your camera.  There is exposure, focus, compostion and lighting.  I’ve seen very few videographers who understand and apply all four of those fundamentals.  Granted, the videographer does have the advantage of not having to ‘time’ when he takes the photograph.  However, the lack of resolution and lack of light control, composition and posing would make this scenario no better than what your friends are taking with their point-and-shoot cameras.