Ashley and Ben Expecting

Okay, this would be one of the most unusual session I have photographed in a while.

I photographed Ashley and Ben’s wedding about eight? years ago.  Since then, I have photographed a family portrait with them and their two dogs.  I was excited to hear they were expecting.  It’s always fun to see couples start families after you have photographed their wedding.  Well, Ashley wanted some maternity photographs to chronicle this time in their lives.  As I talked with here, it became clear that she was not looking for the normal, dramatic lighting, black-and-white, highly glamorized, maternity photographs.  She was after something different.  This is not unusual for Ashley.  She wanted something outside and with buildings.  As the session progressed, I began to catch “a vision” for what she was looking for.

Maternity portrait

Ashley specifically asked for an image that showed her “big ole belly”. Make it look big? No problem.  I called this one, “the belly that ate Oklahoma City”.

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Author: Larry J Foster

Professional Photographer since 1989. Certified in 2008. I received my Master Photographer degree in 2015.

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