Rebbecca Holliman

Rebbecca holds the distinction of the being the first person to be photographed in my studio.  She had contacted me about a month before the session, I had to postpone our session three times because the studio was not complete.  In fact, the day she came, the carpet wasn’t still wasn’t in the reception area!  That didn’t phase Rebbecca and we had a great session.

I really liked the back of the dress, so I created a classic profile.  This was one of her favorites.  Rebbecca specifically asked about doing something with the shoes – that was fun.  The high-contrast B&W was my idea.  I saw it in my head during the session, but had to finish creating it in the computer.

Rebbecca attends Norman North, pole vaults and practices yoga.  She’s taking some early entry classes at OU and is excited about the future, even if she’s not quite sure what the future is.  Thanks Rebbecca!

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Rebbecc Holliman