Lissette and Sandor

Normally I would not use a bridesmaid photo as my hallmark image from a wedding.  However, the story behind this is important.  I photographed Sofia’s wedding Edith’s wedding (either side of the bride).  The only wedding I did not photograph of the four of these ladies was Elizabeth.  I jokingly asked her about that.  She took it in good humor, however, it was not a joke.  Turns out she had contacted me about photographing her wedding, but her parents decided to select someone less expensive.  A decision she would later regret.  ”  It’s still a sore point.  My parents apologized to me about it.”  Lesson: Choose carefully who photographs your wedding.  You wedding photographs will outlast just about everything (notable exception is the rings) you spend money on at this grand event. You will not get a second chance at it.

The sunset image was actually taken in the parking lot of the church.  I looked around for a good opening to the western sky, and there was none within easy walk. I laid down on the ground and tried to isolate them as much as possible.

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Lissette Orozco and Sandor Sosa

Little L

This cute little girl was brought in by her grandmother.  Like all kids, you have to work with them a little.  What was funny is that I actually got down on the floor next to her to show her how to pose.  Whatever it takes to get the shot…

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Cute little L

Debbie’s kids

I had the privilege of photographing Debbie’s wedding several years ago.  She has kids now and brought them in for a Christmas session.  Children are always a challenge, but when you put two together, it compounds the challenge.  You just have to work with them and let them have some fun.  It is very much, “go with the flow.”  My concept when I talked to her on the phone was to do something with them reading a book.  After we jumped them up and down several times, they settled down enough to look at Christmas book together.

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Debbie's cute kids

Eugene and guns

Eugene called me on the phone one day interested in getting some portraits made. He told me about his interest in antique guns, particularly black powder. That gave me some ideas. At the session we did some “normal” pictures with the guns. Then I told him about my idea. I wanted to create something that had an “old west” feel to it. Think OK Coral. We fired up the fog machine and got a great shot.

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Straight out of the old west