It’s not the camera

Recently I was attended Rick Trummer’s seminar on marketing at the Southwest Professional Photographers Convention. The question he asked was, “who is your competition?” A woman on the 3rd row replied, “the 19 year old across the street – and she has a better camera.”

Ok, let’s destroy this myth once and for all. The camera – any camera – is incapable of taking a good picture. Try this experiment. Take your camera and place it on the table. Come back 5 minutes later. How many good pictures did the camera take? Zero. The camera is incapable of taking a good picture.

Let’s try another experiment. Take a new camera and mount it on a tripod and take a picture of scene. Take an older camera, and using the same lens, settings and tripod photograph the same scene. Put them on your computer and compare. Not much difference, is there?

The camera manufacturers have done such a great job marketing they have us believing that if we get more mega-pixels it will somehow overcome our deficiencies in composition, lighting, exposure and focus control. We get so hung up in “better camera” we forget the camera is really just a single function computer – like a calculator.

So think about the woman’s reply again, but let’s substitute the word “computer” for “camera”.
“The 19 year old across the street, and she has a better computer.” Somehow that doesn’t sound very threatening. That’s because it’s not. The camera really doesn’t matter.

The only thing that matters is the photographer. Always has been the only thing. Always will be the only thing.

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