DJ and Kristi tie the knot

I met DJ about 15 years ago photographing his sister’s wedding. He would become my #1 assistant for over 10 years. We have photographed hundreds of weddings in everything from freezing cold to broiling hot. He would move on from the assistants cor to devote weekends to building his house. I expected that after the house was built, he would put a ring on Kristi’s finger.

It is always fun photographing a wedding when you know the people involved. DJ’s had wisely built in some time for fun, creative photographs before we went to the reception. We wandered around the OU campus in some very warm weather taking some wonderful images of the two of them. Then off to the reception. It was fun and I was glad to see DJ and Kristi so happy.

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DJ and KristiDJ and KristiDJ and KristiDJ and KristiDJ and KristiDJ and KristiDJ and KristiDJ and Kristi