Four Generations Restored

I love this image.  Part of the attraction is the very skilled manner in which it was photographed.  Part of it is that you just do not see four generation pictures that are 100 years old.  Life expectancy was not that great a century ago.

This was printed on a type of photographic process that copies very poorly.  It just shimmers and there is only one way to photograph this and get any detail out of it.

Restoration of 100 year old photograph
Restoration of old photograph with four generations

Adding Members To Your Family Portrait

I have been meaning to add this one to the blog for awhile.

The Musgraves contacted me about photographing their family portrait.  This is a large, extended family with children and grand children.  They had picked a specific time and told everybody to be here.   But like all large family portraits, there is always someone who can’t make it – no matter how far in advance you schedule things.  Fortunately we knew this when I photographed the large group and left room for the people we would add later.   I would photograph the two members that were absent a couple of weeks later, and thanks to digital technology, added them in for a complete family portrait.

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