Lois and Dan Engagement Portrait

Lois and Dan were absolutely a joy to work with.  We started our engagement session out at the lake to get some green goodness – watch out for stickers!  It was a blast putting them together and letting the “new family” play and have good time.  We moved to the studio to finish up with some more formal type engagement pictures, were we got some precious pictures of Camryn and her step-father-to-be Dan.

Congratulations to the Lois and Dan.  It was a joy to work with you.

Lois and Dan Engagement Portrait by Foster Photographic Arts Lois and Dan Engagement Portrait by Larry J Foster

Lois and Dan Engagement Portrait by Foster Photographic ArtsLois and Dan Engagement Portrait by Foster Photographic Arts

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Emily and Mike’s Unique Engagement Session

Emily and Mike said they wanted something different for their engagement portrait. They are a very interesting and unique couple The more I talked to them and got to know them, the more I kept seeing in mind’s eye was an old warehouse. It’s not something I would propose for everyone – but it was appropriate for them. The results were great!

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Engagement session in an old warehouse


Us against the storm. The angry clouds provided a very dramatic backdrop for the end of our session.


Engagement session in a warehouse.


Mike and Emily’s engagement session, photographed in an abandoned warehouse.

Amanda and Justin

This one is from Amanda and Justin’s engagement session at our portrait gardens.

I asked Amanda and Justin if they could get in the hammock together.  That was easier said than done.  It took a couple of failed attempts but they finally managed to both stay in the hammock together.  They got to talking and what resulted was a great photo of a young couple in love.

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Amanda and Justin in a hammock