Teddy Bear Check-Up

This expressive little girl came in as part of our “Be in our front window” promotion. We wanted to do something different, so I borrowed a lab coat and a stethoscope from wife and we had the girl bring her teddy bear. The concept for this child’s portrait was a “teddy bear check-up”. She played along very well and we created some great looks.

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Teddy Bear Check up

New Look Glamor Photography

I have always been fascinated with the “Golden Years of Hollywood” look – images from the 30s, 40s and early 50s of Hollywood stars. I decided I would create a new look/product line based on this concept. The result is my “New Look Glamor”. But what is “New Look Glamor Photography”?

New Look Glamor
New Look Glamor

New Look Glamor Photography is simple, uncluttered and timeless. Through the use of very controlled lighting and corrective posing, I reveal the subject’s beauty and minimize their flaws.

New Look Glamor Photography is not revealing.  An image can be fun and sensual without being revealing.

New Look Glamor Photography is not “Glamour Shots.” I do not rely on heavy make-up or props and use much more flattering posing and lighting.

All women want to appear beautiful and glamorous. This product is targeted towards women that are 19-30, but any woman is welcome. I believe I can make any person – any woman – look beautiful.

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