Photographing Autumn Leaves

Digital photography tips for photographing Autumn leaves.

Autumn is a great time of the year to get outside and take  photographs of nature in its changing beauty.  If you’re seeking to capture some of that fall color, here’s some tips.

Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves
  • Sunny days will give you better color.  The colors of the leaves will appear more saturated when the scene is in sunlight as opposed to a cloudy day.
  • Back light the leaves.  Put the sun behind the leaves for maximum color.  This is similar to the effect of stained glass window.  Keep in mind, that you may have to set your exposure compensation to a “+1” or even a “+2” to get the desired results.  I would also recommend setting your color balance to daylight rather than leaving it in Auto White Balance.  If the camera is allowed to make all the decisions itself, it will try to compensate for the brightness of the leaves and the intense color.
  • Best results are early or late in the day – not when the light is straight overhead.
  • Focus on close-ups of individual leaves.  This is a very effective way to capture the intense color of the season.

Happy photographing.