Restored from the pieces

One of the services I offer is copy and restoration of photographs. This is always fun and challenging, though this one was a greater challenge than most.

Judging by the materials, technique and the information from the customer, the original was early 1900s. It had been stored in a sack, and because of it’s brittle nature, was now a shamble of pieces. Every time you touched it, another piece would flake off.

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Restoration of an old photograph
Restoration of an old photograph

Adena and Matt’s wedding at Coles Garden

It thoroughly enjoyed working with Adena and Matt.  A wonderful, fun couple.

Outdoor weddings are always somewhat of a gamble in this area.   On the day of their wedding, the thunder would roll and the rains could be seen threatening in the distance, but they stayed away and the wedding went off without a drop leaving us with some very dramatic clouds and a once in a lifetime sunset.

Every year I shoot for the “signature image” – an image that is so impressive that you just say “wow”.  An image that will be used in advertising materials and hang on the wall.  Adena’s wedding provided me with two signature images.

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Adena Achs and Matt Miller
Adena Achs and Matt Miller