Kristen Williams and Amit Patel

Kristen’s wedding was at 5:00 and her reception wouldn’t be until 7:00.  This allowed us to some time between the ceremony and the reception to get some great pictures of the couple.  It rarely happens that there is extended time for me to work with the couple. Too often the reception follows the ceremony and it is all rush-rush-rush.  I really think that is something of a travesty.  The wedding is about two people, and yet the majority of pictures is more than just the couple.

We had about 40 minutes and the Myriad Gardens was centraly located between the two locations.  First stop was an attitude pose against the skyline.  Next we moved into the field and got some wonderful, romantic images of them together.  We continued on to an area were we could see the sunset and captured a ‘Gone with the Wind’ photo that just gives you goose bumps.  It was a blast the photos were fantastic.

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Bride and Groom, Kristen Williams and Amit Patel

Danielle Jones and Zach McCain

Danielle will be nominated for the “most organized bride” award. Always on top of things. She was early getting the engagement and bridal portraits taken and got her WEPAN information turned in ahead of the deadline. This kind of attention to detail and due dates pays off with a wedding that runs very smoothly.

The After Shoot. This is something more couples need to do. After we left the reception, we met up with Danielle and Zach at the Myriad Gardens for some nice, creative, intimate images of just the two of them. There’s no time pressures to get to the reception and there is less concern about the dress picking up a little dirt. It only takes about 20-30 minutes and a some advance planning. The results are something that is completely different than what you get at the wedding location and it makes for a really nice addition to the wedding album.

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Sarah Ellis and Matt Worden

Ballet dancers make wonderful models. You teach them the basics of posing, and they’ll get it right every time after that. Sarah is pursing a Masters in ballet at OU.

Sarah wanted outdoor photographs. She wanted them at the bridal portrait, and because of a rain earlier that day, we were restricted to staying on the sidewalks. (Though we did get a great sunset!). At the wedding, she wanted to go outside at Walnut Creek. An uncooperative limo driver prompted as to leave the the chapel before that could happen. The next thought was to get some outdoor images before going to the reception; but we didn’t have enough time before the couple’s entrance. Sarah still wants her outdoor photographs and I want her to have them. Plan C: Eat fast, and then while the rest of the crowd is finishing their meals, we’ll walk from the Sheraton Downtown (where the reception was at) to the Myriad Gardens, get our photographs and return before they are missed.

The results were worth the extra effort.

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