Chris Rocks his Senior Pictures

Christ made this backgroundI was excited to have the opportunity to photograph Chris’s senior pictures. We started out with some easy going pics of him in a T-shirt, something casual to get the senior picture session started. He had brought a painting he had made using spray paint on cardboard, so we dropped that in as his background. Yes, Chris painted that background himself. Very cool.

Flaming drum sticksChris played drums in the school band, so of course we had to do something with that. Flaming drum sticks anyone? Yes, we really did set them on fire.

Senior pictures by Foster Photographic ArtsChris plays bass in Jazz Band, so we had to include that in his senior pictures. Just a few pics of him playing, then we brought out the fog for a “performance” look and finished it off with a silhouette. Rock star!

Senior Pictures by Foster Photographic ArtsSenior Pictures by Foster Photographic Arts

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Brittany’s Beautiful Senior Pictures

I actually have photographed Brittany and her family several times. It’s always fun working with someone you know; and Brittany and I had a blast doing her senior pictures.

She was one of the first to try out my new “rock star” set. I turned on the lights and rolled out the fog and I told her to act like she was at a rock concert. She made the rest happen.

Brittany was also one of the first to do my new “tall grass” outdoor scene. I’ve always liked the look of sitting in a field of tall grass, so I designed my own scene in my back yard.

Thanks for coming by for your senior pictures, Brittany.

Senior Pictures
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Christian Wilson

Christian was a member of the North golf team, so we had to have fun with the golf stuff.  We had a blast creating some very unique and fun images.  It’s the first time I’ve ever set a golf ball on fire!

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Christian Wilson, Norman North
Christian Wilson, Norman North

Rebbecca Holliman

Rebbecca holds the distinction of the being the first person to be photographed in my studio.  She had contacted me about a month before the session, I had to postpone our session three times because the studio was not complete.  In fact, the day she came, the carpet wasn’t still wasn’t in the reception area!  That didn’t phase Rebbecca and we had a great session.

I really liked the back of the dress, so I created a classic profile.  This was one of her favorites.  Rebbecca specifically asked about doing something with the shoes – that was fun.  The high-contrast B&W was my idea.  I saw it in my head during the session, but had to finish creating it in the computer.

Rebbecca attends Norman North, pole vaults and practices yoga.  She’s taking some early entry classes at OU and is excited about the future, even if she’s not quite sure what the future is.  Thanks Rebbecca!

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Rebbecc Holliman