Preconceived ideas

The child’s grandmother Phyllis would commission this portrait. Phyllis had a preconceived idea what she wanted her grand-daughter’s portrait to look like. Preconceived ideas are both good and bad – often more the latter than the former. I can look at an example, and tell you how it was lit, what lens it was taken with and even be reasonably close with estimating the camera settings. We can go to the exact same spot at the same time of day; but at that point I no longer have control. I can’t control expression. I can guide the pose, but really it comes down to the subject to pull execute it properly. This used to happen frequently when I was photographing weddings. The bride-to-be would show me an image cut from a bridal magazine of bride and a groom frolicking in the waves on a Caribbean beach at sunset and ask for the same image when their wedding was in cow pasture in the dead of winter.
The point is, it’s okay to have a preconceived idea – if you are willing to let go of it when something better is shown to you. As a professional with over 25 years of experience, I know what will make you look the best.
Phyllis ended up liking one of my ideas better than what she had originally envisioned.

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Sami’s Safari Senior Picture Session

Sami did our Safari session. What is a Safari Senior Picture Session? First we start in the studio, then we go outside, then go wandering through streets and alleys looking for unusual and different. The end result is a lot of fun and a lot of great senior pictures.

The outdoor part of our session featured our “tall grass” scene outside. We’ve been getting great results with this. The studio part of our session had a real nice full length picture of Sami in her dress and some very fun pictures of her wearing a “Sponge Bob” shirt against a bright background. The best part of the studio was the Nepal images. Sami moved from Nepal five years ago. She brought in a traditional Nepal outfit – and I photographed her against a plain background that I would later drop out and replace with stock photos from her native country. The results were awesome!

After the studio, we went to downtown Norman and found some great alleys and storefronts. The results are fantastic senior pictures! Thanks Sami. It was a blast!

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Brittany’s Beautiful Senior Pictures

I actually have photographed Brittany and her family several times. It’s always fun working with someone you know; and Brittany and I had a blast doing her senior pictures.

She was one of the first to try out my new “rock star” set. I turned on the lights and rolled out the fog and I told her to act like she was at a rock concert. She made the rest happen.

Brittany was also one of the first to do my new “tall grass” outdoor scene. I’ve always liked the look of sitting in a field of tall grass, so I designed my own scene in my back yard.

Thanks for coming by for your senior pictures, Brittany.

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Rebekah Vermilion and Carl Coats

It’s always fun to photograph a wedding when you know the family.  Paul – Rebekah’s father – works with me on the A/V team at church.  I actually new a ring was coming before Rebekah!

The wedding was wonderful, but photographs we took between the ceremony and the reception were priceless.  We had a some extra time from when we left the church before we needed to be at the Embassy Suites, so we met the couple at OU for some great pictures.  To top it off, there was a fantastic sunset late in the reception that we captured just outside the hotel with the couple.

It was a blast, and the photographs were wonderful.

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Rebekah Vermilion and Carl Coats
Rebekah Vermilion and Carl Coats

Julie Lewis and Jason Gray

There is something to be said for smaller weddings. There are fewer people running around confused and bewildered. There is less pressure to meet deadlines. Everything proceeds at a more leisure pace. Such was the situation at Julie and Jason’s wedding. It was very low key. We were able to capture our images easily and without coordinators breathing down my neck. The couple had plenty of time to enjoy each other and their guests at the reception. It was a very nice time.

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Melanie Carter and Daniel Lewey

Where did the tradition of decorating the couple’s get-away car ever come from? It’s like the decorators turn into animals sometimes making the car unsafe and occasionally doing damage to the car.

Somehow Daniel gained a reputation of being ruthless in his car decorating, so of course, there were several people who looking for a little pay back the day he said “I Do”. He claims this is all false accusation and that he actually restrained the last crowd he was in that was decorating a car. His mistrust of his groomsmen turned out to be reasonably well founded and their lack of access to the car thwarted some of their grander plans (like putting the car on jacks). They left him a message about their displeasure on the windshield.

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Taryn Caylor and Paul Kingery

Every now and then I get a bride who really likes taking photographs and is willing to take more. Such was Taryn and Paul. We took our normal photographs at the church and when we got the reception, Taryn wanted to take some more. And why not? You’ll never get dressed up like this again! Cobblestone Creek made a nice backdrop from some fun and dramatic photographs. We had a great time and captured some wonderful images.
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