5 Generation Family Portrait

In 25 years of professional photography, I have never had the opportunity to photograph a 5 generational portrait before. This was quite an event, not only for myself, but for the family as well.

I traveled out to the house of one of the grandchildren near Maysville, we moved everything out of the dining room, so I could set up my background and lights and I stood in the kitchen. Tight quarters, but we made it work.

After I was set up, we brought in eldest two members of the family and set them in the chairs for the portraits. Grandma instinctively reached over and held grandpa’s hand. I was touched. Both over 90 years of age and married for over 70 years, they still held hands. And they held hands during the whole session.

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Sara Smiley and Aaron Southerland

If the times fall just right, I will photograph two weddings in a day. Today would be such a day. Photographing two weddings in a day is always a challenge, but driving from Oklahoma City to Ardmore would make it a greater challenge. Everything went smoothly and we got to Ardmore 30 minutes earlier than we thought we would.

Health care is their future. Aaron and Sara are both attending the Health Science Center in Oklahoma City. Sara is pursuing training to be Registered Nurse while Aaron works in Dentistry.

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