Melissa and Ryan’s Wedding at Walnut Creek in Oklahoma City

What do you get when a theater performance major invites all her friends to her wedding reception? A fun party!

Melissa and Ryan were wonderful to work with and the wedding pictures were great. Walnut Creek wedding chapel in Oklahoma City is a great place for a wedding and and the staff was wonderful as always. And no, I did not add the orange sky to the photograph outdoor photograph. It is the lights of the city reflecting off the low clouds (8 second exposure – don’t try that without a good tripod….)



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Rebekah Vermilion and Carl Coats

It’s always fun to photograph a wedding when you know the family.  Paul – Rebekah’s father – works with me on the A/V team at church.  I actually new a ring was coming before Rebekah!

The wedding was wonderful, but photographs we took between the ceremony and the reception were priceless.  We had a some extra time from when we left the church before we needed to be at the Embassy Suites, so we met the couple at OU for some great pictures.  To top it off, there was a fantastic sunset late in the reception that we captured just outside the hotel with the couple.

It was a blast, and the photographs were wonderful.

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Rebekah Vermilion and Carl Coats
Rebekah Vermilion and Carl Coats

Adena and Matt’s wedding at Coles Garden

It thoroughly enjoyed working with Adena and Matt.  A wonderful, fun couple.

Outdoor weddings are always somewhat of a gamble in this area.   On the day of their wedding, the thunder would roll and the rains could be seen threatening in the distance, but they stayed away and the wedding went off without a drop leaving us with some very dramatic clouds and a once in a lifetime sunset.

Every year I shoot for the “signature image” – an image that is so impressive that you just say “wow”.  An image that will be used in advertising materials and hang on the wall.  Adena’s wedding provided me with two signature images.

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Adena Achs and Matt Miller
Adena Achs and Matt Miller

Courtney and Brett

Courtney and Brett were such a fun couple to photograph.  Their wedding was Crossings, which of course is wonderful place to have a wedding.  It was a perfect day for a perfect wedding.  The hardest part was deciding which ones to post here!

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Courtney Shadburn and Brett Bilbrey
Courtney Shadburn and Brett Bilbrey

Kristen Williams and Amit Patel

Kristen’s wedding was at 5:00 and her reception wouldn’t be until 7:00.  This allowed us to some time between the ceremony and the reception to get some great pictures of the couple.  It rarely happens that there is extended time for me to work with the couple. Too often the reception follows the ceremony and it is all rush-rush-rush.  I really think that is something of a travesty.  The wedding is about two people, and yet the majority of pictures is more than just the couple.

We had about 40 minutes and the Myriad Gardens was centraly located between the two locations.  First stop was an attitude pose against the skyline.  Next we moved into the field and got some wonderful, romantic images of them together.  We continued on to an area were we could see the sunset and captured a ‘Gone with the Wind’ photo that just gives you goose bumps.  It was a blast the photos were fantastic.

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Bride and Groom, Kristen Williams and Amit Patel

Brooke Bailey and Rich Hill

What is the second biggest nightmare for a bride? (I’m assuming that the number one nightmare is the groom doesn’t show up.) I think the second nightmare would have to be unable to attend your own wedding. Brooke got close. Less than a week before the wedding she was in the hospital with a kidney stone. That would give way to a fever, caused by a pesky ear infection, that wouldn’t break. It wasn’t until Thursday before the wedding that she had a normal temperature and was “well” for the first time in almost a week.

Brooke did made it to her own wedding – and she was beautiful.

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Stephanie Dobbs and Greg Pace

You can thank your friends. Greg was a groomsman at a wedding I photographed about a year ago, and that couple (Rich and Staci Johnson) told Stephanie and Greg where to go for great photography. It’s always fun work in a group where you know people and they know each other.

Yes, two of my favorite “toys” come together to create another great image. The infrared camera enhanced the wonderful clouds and the fish eye lens creates the great distortion. Men like to look like…well…men. They like images that are bold and make a statement.

Women like to look soft and sensual and the image from Stephanie’s bridal portrait on the right is perfect example.

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Angi Gardner and Josh Gradick

/Outdoor weddings in Oklahoma can be a risky proposition. Your best bets are mid September through the end of October. Spring is nice, but can be rainy.

Angi had picked Harn Homestead for her wedding. It was a beautiful day, though it was a little warm. Harn is a very nice place for outdoor weddings. It has mature trees for shade and lots of green grass. The support facilities there are not the best.

Angi had moved the time of her wedding to accommodate the sunset. Her timing was just about perfect. We didn’t get any dramatic clouds, but the hazy sun dropped right on the horizon in a perfect place.

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Angela Tucker and Chad Conant

The flurry of summer weddings comes to a fitting conclusion at Walnut Creek. The rush of summer weddings always leaves me a little out of breath and often behind my work flow. It is the hazard of being a wedding photographer.

There are two trends in wedding photography right now that have caught my attention. The first is “fashion”. That’s what it is being called, though it has very little to do with a “normal” fashion shoot. The concept has its roots in the “wedding photojournalism” movement. This new trend is basically a posed photograph that is not supposed to look posed. (I’ve called this “art” for years, though mine tend to be better lit and composed than the average bride running down the street.) What goes around, comes around and we are moving once again back to more posed photographs.

The second trend that I am seeing is the bride as glamorous. Glamor is a style of photography that goes all the way back to 50s and the golden age of Hollywood. Glamor is more photographing figure and curves than it is face and dress. I’m seeing it in the styles of the dresses and I’m seeing it in what brides like. The image from Angela’s bridal session is a good example of this.

Trends come and trends go. They will influence part of my work, but I believe there is always a demand for classic.

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Sara Smiley and Aaron Southerland

If the times fall just right, I will photograph two weddings in a day. Today would be such a day. Photographing two weddings in a day is always a challenge, but driving from Oklahoma City to Ardmore would make it a greater challenge. Everything went smoothly and we got to Ardmore 30 minutes earlier than we thought we would.

Health care is their future. Aaron and Sara are both attending the Health Science Center in Oklahoma City. Sara is pursuing training to be Registered Nurse while Aaron works in Dentistry.

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