Senior Achiever Update

The community response to the Senior Achiever exhibit has been phenomenal.  I appreciate everyone who has taken an interest in helping create community awareness and support for our outstanding seniors.

You can find Senior Achiever posters at the following businesses Purcell:

Farmers Insurance
Butch’s Bottle and Cork
J & J Cleaners
Rodney’s Pizza
John Mantooth Attorney
Bill Lester Attorney
Queen of the Tees
Health Care Innovations
Butler Antiques
T’s Antiques
Grapevine Antiques
Italian Inn
American Abstract
Precision Trailers
Country Joe’s


Senior Achievers 2013

The inaugural Senior Achievers exhibit is now open!  We have four of Purcell’s top achievers featured in a exhibit in our studio at 220 W Main St, Purcell.  You will also see these in posters in windows around town.

The Senior Achiever program was designed to create community awareness of our outstanding youth and to reward and encourage those seniors who perform above and beyond the norm.

They will be on display from now until late May.  Drop in and see them sometime.

Purcell Senior Achievers


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Adrian’s Awesome Senior Pictures

Adrian came in early to talk about her senior pictures. That’s always a great idea. We got a chance to talk about her interests and that created some ideas in my mind. The most novel idea was the “floating pictures”. Adrian likes photography, and has some nice macro work in her portfolio. Athletes are always easy to portray – just use some sports equipment. Artists and photographers are harder. I wanted to create something where her images floated around her. I photographed her against my green screen and removed the background and the floor. She sent me some of her images and I blended those into a computer generated scene. The results are really cool.

Another thing I have been doing more of in my senior picture sessions is a “glamor” look. Using very specific lighting and props to create a very glamorous, mysterious image. Just because they are senior pictures doesn’t mean they have to be boring. The results were great. Thanks for coming by for your senior pictures, Adrian.

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Annie’s Awesome Senior Pictures

Annie was so much fun to work with. A little quiet at first, but once the session started, we had a lot of fun. Annie goes to Norman High and is really excited about finishing high school. Your senior pictures are great, Annie. Thanks for coming by.

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Clayton Blosser

Clayton is a multi-talented guy.  He plays cello, he is an Eagle Scout and has restored a VW Thing that was put out to pasture.  He was a little unsure about the whole picture thing when we started, but he got to talking and he relaxed and we had a great session.  It was a lot of fun and he and his mother really like the images.

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Christian Wilson

Christian was a member of the North golf team, so we had to have fun with the golf stuff.  We had a blast creating some very unique and fun images.  It’s the first time I’ve ever set a golf ball on fire!

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Christian Wilson, Norman North
Christian Wilson, Norman North

Rebbecca Holliman

Rebbecca holds the distinction of the being the first person to be photographed in my studio.  She had contacted me about a month before the session, I had to postpone our session three times because the studio was not complete.  In fact, the day she came, the carpet wasn’t still wasn’t in the reception area!  That didn’t phase Rebbecca and we had a great session.

I really liked the back of the dress, so I created a classic profile.  This was one of her favorites.  Rebbecca specifically asked about doing something with the shoes – that was fun.  The high-contrast B&W was my idea.  I saw it in my head during the session, but had to finish creating it in the computer.

Rebbecca attends Norman North, pole vaults and practices yoga.  She’s taking some early entry classes at OU and is excited about the future, even if she’s not quite sure what the future is.  Thanks Rebbecca!

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Rebbecc Holliman