Tara and Bryan

Tara had seen the photographs I had done for some of her friends (Staci McCart-Johnson and Melissa Richardson-Jones).  The wedding was at the Capitol with a reception at the History Center.  Both of these locations offer wonderful opportunities for creative and fun images.

Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom black and white

Tara had one very specific request at the reception.  She wanted a photograph of her and Bryan in front of the large window that looks out at the Capitol.  At twilight.  When you can still see the Capitol.  With the airplane.  No problem.  I looked up what time sunset would be and informed her when we had a 10 minute window for the image.

Bride and Groom History Center

Whatever it takes to get the shot.

We had a great time and Tara and Bryan loved their photos!

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Merideth Dibert and Eric Lindaman

Ah, the State Capitol. Beautiful building. Architecture, art and grand vistas. What more could you ask for? How about air conditioning? Sure, the offices and conference rooms are cold, but the common areas get rather warm on an August day like this one. It was hot. Not the hottest I’ve seen it, but it was still uncomfortably warm. Fortunately I found an unlocked conference room that we used to let the bride or the groom cool off in. Tuxedos and wedding gowns are not designed for 90+ degree heat! In spite of the conditions, the wedding was beautiful and the photographs were wonderful.

It was after the ceremony and we were taking the creative photographs of the couple. I was barking out orders to my assistants like normal and mentioned that the image we were creating was the silhouette shot. Merideth became excited and exclaimed, “I seen this one. I love this picture.” I replied to her, “And you’ve been waiting you’re whole life for it.” She paused slightly and responded, “Yes, I have.”

Credits: Wedding Coordination by Cathy Johnson Weddings. Flowers: Little Surprises Designs. Reception: Skirvin

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