Melissa and Ryan’s Wedding at Walnut Creek in Oklahoma City

What do you get when a theater performance major invites all her friends to her wedding reception? A fun party!

Melissa and Ryan were wonderful to work with and the wedding pictures were great. Walnut Creek wedding chapel in Oklahoma City is a great place for a wedding and and the staff was wonderful as always. And no, I did not add the orange sky to the photograph outdoor photograph. It is the lights of the city reflecting off the low clouds (8 second exposure – don’t try that without a good tripod….)



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Brooke Bailey and Rich Hill

What is the second biggest nightmare for a bride? (I’m assuming that the number one nightmare is the groom doesn’t show up.) I think the second nightmare would have to be unable to attend your own wedding. Brooke got close. Less than a week before the wedding she was in the hospital with a kidney stone. That would give way to a fever, caused by a pesky ear infection, that wouldn’t break. It wasn’t until Thursday before the wedding that she had a normal temperature and was “well” for the first time in almost a week.

Brooke did made it to her own wedding – and she was beautiful.

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Angela Tucker and Chad Conant

The flurry of summer weddings comes to a fitting conclusion at Walnut Creek. The rush of summer weddings always leaves me a little out of breath and often behind my work flow. It is the hazard of being a wedding photographer.

There are two trends in wedding photography right now that have caught my attention. The first is “fashion”. That’s what it is being called, though it has very little to do with a “normal” fashion shoot. The concept has its roots in the “wedding photojournalism” movement. This new trend is basically a posed photograph that is not supposed to look posed. (I’ve called this “art” for years, though mine tend to be better lit and composed than the average bride running down the street.) What goes around, comes around and we are moving once again back to more posed photographs.

The second trend that I am seeing is the bride as glamorous. Glamor is a style of photography that goes all the way back to 50s and the golden age of Hollywood. Glamor is more photographing figure and curves than it is face and dress. I’m seeing it in the styles of the dresses and I’m seeing it in what brides like. The image from Angela’s bridal session is a good example of this.

Trends come and trends go. They will influence part of my work, but I believe there is always a demand for classic.

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Danielle Jones and Zach McCain

Danielle will be nominated for the “most organized bride” award. Always on top of things. She was early getting the engagement and bridal portraits taken and got her WEPAN information turned in ahead of the deadline. This kind of attention to detail and due dates pays off with a wedding that runs very smoothly.

The After Shoot. This is something more couples need to do. After we left the reception, we met up with Danielle and Zach at the Myriad Gardens for some nice, creative, intimate images of just the two of them. There’s no time pressures to get to the reception and there is less concern about the dress picking up a little dirt. It only takes about 20-30 minutes and a some advance planning. The results are something that is completely different than what you get at the wedding location and it makes for a really nice addition to the wedding album.

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Sarah Ellis and Matt Worden

Ballet dancers make wonderful models. You teach them the basics of posing, and they’ll get it right every time after that. Sarah is pursing a Masters in ballet at OU.

Sarah wanted outdoor photographs. She wanted them at the bridal portrait, and because of a rain earlier that day, we were restricted to staying on the sidewalks. (Though we did get a great sunset!). At the wedding, she wanted to go outside at Walnut Creek. An uncooperative limo driver prompted as to leave the the chapel before that could happen. The next thought was to get some outdoor images before going to the reception; but we didn’t have enough time before the couple’s entrance. Sarah still wants her outdoor photographs and I want her to have them. Plan C: Eat fast, and then while the rest of the crowd is finishing their meals, we’ll walk from the Sheraton Downtown (where the reception was at) to the Myriad Gardens, get our photographs and return before they are missed.

The results were worth the extra effort.

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Amanda Smith and Tyler Shipley

In 20 years of wedding photography, I have never seen more hype and publicity about a date than July 7, 2007. It seemed like everyone was talking about it and then of course, everyone wanted to have weddings that day (at 7:00, of course!) If I employed additional photographers, I could have kept each one busy that day. There appeared to be no end to the demand. Amanda’s would be the only wedding I photographed on “Lucky 7s”.
Ironic thing is, that when started planning the wedding over a year in advance, she had didn’t realize that her wedding day was 7-7-7.

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Maggie Blice and Derek Mason

I will photograph at Walnut Creek several times a year. I like the people who own it and run it. Walnut Creek treats their customers well, unlike some chapels I have photographed in.

I will often tell people that weddings are combination of the created and the captured. The image on the right, taken by my assistant Andrea, is very captured – just a spontaneous moment with the flower girls. The image on the right is created – the bride and the groom didn’t just happen to be in that spot posed that way. “Wedding Photojournalism” is nice, but it only captures. Some images must be created to illustrate the emotion of the day.